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Meghan E. Britton-Gross

Here I am!

Thanks for getting to know me! I struggle with these things. Like, should I tell you about my kids (I have two daughters), my career (I've mostly been in marketing), my family (mom, dad, brother), or our pets (dog named Spot, cat named Olive, bearded dragon named Merlin, and two guinea pigs named Snowball and Chippy.)

Should I tell you that I love color and patterns so you might see them throughout the site in photos or as backgrounds? (I am Boden-obsessed) Should I tell you that I'm on the fence about bacon? (Don't @ me. They have a purpose!) Or, should I tell you about my favorite movies, music, and books? (I don't know where to start!)

Maybe, I'll just start by saying, "Thank you" for wanting to know more about me. You can find out a lot from the blog, Good Grief, or Sweet Tea for the Soul. Or, you could just reach out to me and ask me your question. I love to hear from people who connect with my story or have a story to tell.

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Get in Touch

Thank you for reaching out! I'll be in touch asap.

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