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My space at work. Two adorable faces staring back at me.

Tomorrow starts another work week. When you were six or so you decided you wanted to be a scientist. Mom got you a lab coat, dad got you test tubes and I may have rolled my eyes. I always thought you were the smart one. I’m horrid at math and science. You loved science at least. Sadly, seven years old is hardly an age to judge aptitude.

Andrew and his lab coat. (Ignore the crinkles. Photo was damaged.)

It sounds totally cliché but not a week goes buy where I don’t wonder what you’d be doing now. You would be 30. Married? Kids? Would you be the scientist your 7-year old self dreamt of?

Mom and Dad have their own business. I work with them. I always wonder if you’d work with us. If you were around would I? Since you left, I always tried stayed close to home. The only exception was when I lived in Cardiff for a year. I just felt I should stay nearby. You left, how would it feel if I did? Plus, when you passed, it brought mom, dad and I closer. It’s really nice. Not everyone has a relationship like this with their parents and that’s sad. Then again, not everyone understands why I want a close relationship with my parents.

Working with mom and dad is hard sometimes, but overall it is really awesome. I try to work extra hard so people don’t think I’m coasting. Luckily I love what I do. I started with design and then moved into more of a leadership role. Now I’m trying to help grow the business with new services for our clients. If you did work with us I wonder what you’d do. You could draw and showed interest in that. You didn’t really write stories like I did at that age.

You know what’s funny? I feel like there’s sibling rivalry under this whole thought stream. It’s been 23 years and I’m still competing with you. Mom and Dad wouldn’t be surprised by that one bit.

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