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Good Grief

Violet smiled the other day and I saw my brother, Andrew, in her smile. Also, like him, she has a wicked sense of humor.

Georgia has a love for science and does this silly little dance. Andrew used to have a silly little dance (I can still do it). She and my dad (or Papa Sparky as they call him) really have fun with all of the science.

Andrew’s presence, or lack of, has been a lot louder lately. I’m giving credit to the fact that I’ve been stepping out and talking about my story more in an effort to help other siblings. It’s a weird thing trying to balance : telling my story while not wanting to be a trigger to others, making sure my parents are “okay,” worrying I am always bringing people down, and help siblings who have lost a brother or sister under the age of 18 know their grief matters.

A bit ago, I was interviewed for a podcast from Lemonada Media. It is called, “Good Grief” and explores the loss stories of six people. The lost ones are a child, partner, parents, and siblings. The experiences of loss are through accidents, cancer, attacks, opioids, and COVID-19. To be included was such an honor. It allowed me to tell my loss experience in a new way for the first time. I’ve seen a few posts of listeners that have connected to my story. That added so much fuel to my fire. If that was you, THANK YOU. Every time we tell these stories, something new pops up in our memories or emotions. It can be hard to relive but if it helps, we feel connected too that that helps us heal and feel connected to others.

Out now. Listen to #GoodGrief, a six-part, sixty-minute binge of true, short stories that immerse us in the grieving process, find healthy (and avoid unhealthy) ways to cope, and even share a few laughs. Listen here: — Lemonada Media (@LemonadaMedia) August 3, 2021

Please listen and review. I am episode five. If any of the stories resonate, find Lemonada on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and let them know. (Oh, and “don’t forget to rate and review this wherever you get your podcasts.)

I’ve not spoken those words out loud in quite a while. I’ve been writing them but speaking actual sounds brought new life to the past. I’ve also been practicing two new ways to tell my story which is scary and exciting all at the same time. Stay tuned for more to come on that stuff. In the meantime, listen to Good Grief.

This was originally published on The Andrew Project.

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